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Pharmaceutical Icon Dot COM

Take a look at the above URL -- you should see a Pharmaceutical Icon dot com. If not, try upgrading to a more compliant browser like Safari.

The symbol is a truly global icon for Pharmaceuticals. What Pharmaceutical company would not want to own .com -- if they are seriously considering Global sales? While languages change throughout the globe, the icon remains a constant and highly recognizable symbol for Pharmaceuticals.

Granted, current "English" computer keyboards do not yet have the option to directly enter the character, but that technology is changing quickly to adapt to the remaining 97 percent of the world's population whose languages are not English. As such, functionality of keyboards are changing to accommodate global character-sets.

Computer and software manufactures ailke are scrambling quickly to compete in the global marketplace to allow all peoples to use their computers in their own respective languages to access the net. Last year over 50 percent of Apple Computer's sales were other than domestic. The future of the Internet is clear and expansion cannot be held back.

There are several browsers, such as Safari, Mozilla, and Opera that are compliant with IDN (Internationalized Domains Names) and present IDN's as they were intended. If you view this site with any of those browsers, you will see .com in the url.

Internet Explorer browsers, for the moment, renders IDNs in PUNYCODE -- however -- there are plug-ins that allow those browsers to become more compliant with W3C and IDN standards, such as: IE Plug-in

In the meantime, this url can be used by any domain. For example, type in the domain of and you will arrive back here. Please note, that page could just as easily been your domain. In other words, users could enter your domain name and be able to see and bookmark .com as yours. How cool is that?

A purchaser could stack this domain on top of theirs; maintain their current domain name; and redirect any clients using compliant browsers to this url showing the Pharmaceutical Icon dot com. Exceedingly cool, totally transparent to users, and truly Global.

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